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25-30 year olds

From next week (7th June) patients aged 25 – 30 that are registered with a Practice in Bury are eligible for the COVID vaccination. Please click this link to book your own appointment:

Guidance on who should receive which vaccine is regularly updated based on COVID-19 infection rates, monitoring of side effects and vaccine availability. Based on the latest information the recommendation is that anyone aged below 40 years be only offered the Pfizer  vaccine and not the Astra Zeneca one, unless you have already had the first dose without any problems, or for medical reason as instructed by your GP.’

Therefore, if you are below 40 years of age please do not book yourself into an AZ clinic, you will risk being turned away due to this new guidance.

Anyone aged 25+ can get the vaccine.
Book now.
 Should there be no availability when you try, keep trying, when deliveries are made, more appointments are released.
 Do not book AZ clinic if you are below 40, unless otherwise instructed by your GP
 Please don’t call your Practice, we have the same access as you.